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Název Californication Californication
Interpret Red Hot Chilli Peppers Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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#. [Am]Psychic spies from China  Try to st[F]eal your mind's elation [Am]Little girls from Sweden Dream of s[F]ilver screen quotations [C]And if you want these k[G]ind of dreams [F]It's Californi[Dm]cation [Am]   #. It's the edge of the world And all of western civilization [the sun may rise in the East At least it settles in the final location It's understood that Hollywood sells Californication   BRIDGE: [Am - F - Am - F] [Am]Pay your surgeon very well To [F]break the spell of aging [Am]Celebrity skin is this your chin Or is [F]that war your waging   Ref: [Am]First born unico[F]rn [Am]Hard core soft p[F]orn [C]Dream of Cali[G]forni[Dm]cation[Am]  [C]Dream of Cali[G]forni[Dm]cation[Am]  [C]Dream of Cali[G]forni[Dm]cation[Am]  [C]Dream of Cali[G]forni[Dm]cation    ---> #. Marry me girl be my fairy to the world  Be my very own constellation  A teenage bride with a baby inside  Getting high on information  And buy me a star on the boulevard  It's Californication   #. Space may be the final frontier  But it's made in a Hollywood basement  Cobain can you hear the spheres  Singing songs off station to station  [C]And Alderon's [G]not far away [F]It's Californi[Dm]cation[Am]   BRIDGE: [Am - F - Am - F] [Am]Born and raised by those who praise Con[F]trol of population  Everybody's been there and  I don't mean on vacation   Ref:  #. Destruction leads to a very rough road  But it also breeds creation  And earthquakes are to a girl's guitar  They're just another good vibration  And tidal waves couldn't save the world  From Californication   BRIDGE: [Am - F - Am - F] [Am]Pay your surgeon very well To [F]break the spell of aging  Sicker than the rest  There is no test  But this is what you're craving