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Název Angels Angels
Interpret Robbie Williams Robbie Williams
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  1. [E]I sit and wait. Does an angel contem[A]plate my fate. [H]   And do they [E]know the places where we go when we're grey and [A]old. [H] Cuz I've been [F#mi] told that salva[A]tion lets [C#mi]their wings unfold. [A] Cuz I've been [F#mi]told that salva[A]tion lets [C#mi]their wings unfold. [A]      So when [D]I'm lying in my bed,   thoughts [A/C#]running through my head,   and I [E]feel that love is dead,   [D]I'm loving [A/C#]angels [E]instead.      R: And through it [H]all, she offers me prote[C#mi]ction,   a lot of love and affec[A]tion, whether I'm right or [E]wrong.   And down the water[H]fall wherever it may [C#mi]take me,   I know that life won't [A]break me.   When I come to [E/G#]call, she won't for[F#mi]sake me.   [D]I'm loving [A/C#]angels [E]instead.  Intermezzo [Hmi] [A] [E] [Hmi] [F#mi] [E/G#]    Intermezzo: [Hmi,A,E,Hmi,F#mi,E/G#]      2. When I'm feeling weak, and my pain walks down a one way street.   I look above, and I know I'll always be blessed with love.      And as the feeling grows,   she breathes flash to my bones,   and when love is dead,   I'm loving angels instead.      R: And through it all...