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   Intro: (Basa)   G:|----------------------------------|   D:|-----0000----0000----0000---------|    A:|-2222----2222----2222----2--------| E:|----------------------------------| D:|----------------------------------|      1. When it be[C#m]gan, for th[E]ose who don't know   It didn't m[B]atter how you looked or what you [A]wore to a show   Dress co[C#m]des, FUCK NO! [E]we didn't care   About the b[B]rand of your jeans and all t[A]hat shit in your hair      R: But no[C#m]w the b[E]iggest part is [B]all about the image and [A]not the art   Fa[C#m]shion before passion!    And at n[A]ights, it makes me mad that [B]I should have to ask:      What happened to the p[C#m]assion? (passion!)   What the r[E]eason for screaming?    What happened the mu[B]sic and the message that I love? [A B]   What happened to the h[C#m]ard work? (hard work!)   And why does ev[E]erybody look the same?    What happened the m[B]usic and the message that I love? [A B]      2. And I know, that people change   and we go through different stages in life   and I'm not here to criticize   but the reason I scream, is a feeling inside      R: But now the biggest part...      3. Lost (1,2,3,4) lifetime ago it seems   you gave up on your wildest dreams   but i refuse to let mine go   I took an oath, you can find me here   with an open heart and ears    refusing to surrender   I can't believe they don't remember   what it feels like to be young      R: What happened to the passion?...