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Verze z 7. 2. 2020 16:45 Aktuální verze
Název An Angel An Angel
Interpret Kelly Family Kelly Family
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  #. [C]I wish I had a pair of [Dmi] wings   [G]Had them last night in my [C]dreams   [Ami]I was chasin' butter[Dmi]flies   Till the [G]sunrise broke my [C]eyes      #. Tonight the sky has glued my eyes   Cause what they see's an angel hive   I've got to touch that magic sky   And greet the angels in their hives      R.: Some[C]times I wish I were an [F] angel [G]   Some[C]times I wish I were [G] you   Some[C]times I wish I were an [F] angel [G]   Some[C]times I G wish I were C you      #. And all sweet honey from above   Pour it all over me sweet love   And while you're flying around my head   Your honey kisses keep me fed      #. I wish I had your pair of wings   Just like last night in my dreams   I was lost in paradise   Wish I'd never opened my eyes    --->    R.:      Bridge: But there's [Ami] danger in the [F]air   Tryin' so [C]hard to be un[G]fair Danger[Ami]'s in the [F]air Tryin´ so [C]hard to give us [G]escape Danger[Ami]'s in the [F]air  Tryin´ so [C]hard to give us [G]escape   But we are not [F]afraid[G]      R.:      I [G]wish I were [Ami]you   Oh I [G]wish I were [C] you...