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Verze z 23. 6. 2020 20:38 Aktuální verze
Název Jar of hearts Jar of hearts
Interpret Christina Perri Christina Perri
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  1: [Hm]I know I can't take one more [D]step towards you,   '[A]cause all that's waiting is re[Em]gret.   [Hm]Don't you know I'm not your [D]ghost anymore?   [A]You lost the love I loved the [G]most.[D/F#]      Ref1: [Em]I learned to [G]live, [Hm]half [A]alive,   [Em]and now you [Em]want me one more [A]time.      Ref2:[D] Who do you think you [A]are?   Runnin' 'round leaving [Hm]scars,   collecting your jar of [G]hearts,   [Gm]And tearing love a[D]part.   You're gonna catch a [A]cold,   from the ice inside your [Hm]soul.   So don't come back for [G]me.   [Gm]Who do you think you [D]are?      2: I hear you're asking all around   If I am anywhere to be found   But I have grown too strong   To ever fall back in your arms  ------>   Ref1:   Ref2:      Bridge: [Hm]It took so [F#]long just to [Bm7/A]feel [E/G#]alright.   [Hm]Remember how to [F#]put back the [Bm7/A]light in my [E/G#]eyes.   [Hm]I wish I had mi[F#]ssed the first [Bm7/A]time that we ki[E/G#]ssed.   [Hm]'Cause you broke [F#]all your [Bm7/A]promi[E/G#]ses,   and [G]now you're back.   You don't get to [F#]get me back.      Ref2: [: Who do you think you are?   Runnin' 'round leaving scars   Collecting your jar of hearts   And tearing love apart   You're gonna catch a cold   From the ice inside your soul   Don't come back for me   Don't come back at all :]      Outro: [Gdmi7]Who do you think you [D]are? 3x      [[Bm7/A x02020]] [[E/G# 476454]] [[Gdmi7 412020]]