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Název Be as you are Be as you are
Interpret Mike Posner Mike Posner
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<i>Capo 1st fret</i> <i>Capo 1st fret (no capo in G major)</i>   <i>Rhythm:</i> 145bpm   <i>Strumming :</i> &darr;..&uarr;&darr;&uarr;&darr;..&uarr;&darr;&uarr;&darr;.&darr;&uarr;   <i>Original in G major, acoustic in C major</i>   <tr class="spaceUnder">      Intro: [Dm,Am,C,Dm]   [Dm,Am,F,C]      #. [Dm]Virginia Woolf and poe[Am]try   No one seemed to notice me   [C]Being young was getting [Dm]so old   [Dm]Cheap beer and ciga[Am]rettes   Life was like a movie set   And [F]I seemed to be given [C]no role      Pre: But in times of trouble   I can turn to my mother   And I know that she gon’ understand   So at age 18   I cried to my mother   And she told me, “young man”      Ch: “There are moments when you [Dm]fall to the [Am]ground   But you are stronger than you [F]feel you are [C]now   You don’t always have to [Dm]speak so loud[Am], no   Just [F]be as[C] you are   --->   Life is not always a comfortable ride   Everybody’s got scars that they hide   And everybody plays the fool sometimes, yeah   Just be as you are”      #. They [Dm]played me on the radio[Am]   And everything was changing, so   [C]I thought I was all the [Dm]way grown   But [Dm]I can still remember [Am]in that cold November   When I [F]realized I’m all[C] alone      Pre+Ch:      Bridge: If I’m speaking truthfully   I’m not who I used to be   And I know some people might laugh   ‘Cause my music doesn’t sound the same   And my head’s no longer shaved   I’m worried if I’m on the right path      Pre+Ch:      Be as you are