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Verze z 5. 4. 2021 15:56 Aktuální verze
Název 74-75 74-75
Interpret The Connells The Connells
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  <i>No capo</i>   <i>Rhythm:</i> 73bpm   <i>Verse :</i> &darr;...&darr;..&uarr;.&uarr;.&uarr;&darr;&uarr;&darr;&uarr;   <i>Chorus :</i> &darr;...&darr;..&darr;.&uarr;&darr;.&darr;&uarr;&darr;&uarr;   <tr class="spaceUnder">      Intro: |-------------------0---3---|---------0----0--0-----|  |-------------------1---0---|---------1----0--1-----|  |-------------------0---0---|---------2----2--2-----| |-------2p0---------2---0---|-2---2---2----2--2-----| |-0---------3-0-3---3---2---|-0---0---0----0--0-----| |-----------------------3---|-----------------------| x2 |-------------------0---3---| |-------------------1---0---| |-------------------0---0---| |-------2p0---------2---0---| |-0---------3-0-3---3---2---| |-----------------------3---|  |---------0----0--0-----|  |---------1----0--1-----| |---------2----2--2-----|  |-2---2---2----2--2-----| |-0---0---0----0--0-----| |-----------------------| x2      #. [F]Got no [C]reason for [F]coming to me and the [C]rain [G]running [F]down   there's no [C]reason [Am]   and the same voice coming to me like it's all slowing down   and be[C]lieve me[G]      Ch: I was the [Am]one who let you [C]know,   I was your [G]sorry ever [F]after   seventy-[Am]four, seventy-[C]five [G] ---> --->    #. It's not easy, nothing to say 'cause it's already said   It's never easy When I look on your eyes then I find that I'll do fine When I [F]look on your [C]eyes then I [Am]find that [C]I'll do [F]fine   When I [Am]look on your [C]eyes then I do [G]better      Ch: I was the one who let you know,   I was your sorry ever after   seventy-four, seventy-five      Givin' me more and I'll defy,   cause you're really only after   seventy-four, seventy-five       Intro:      Solo: [C,G,Am (3x)]   [F,C,G]      #. Got no reason for coming to me and the rain running down   there's no reason   When I look on your eyes then I find that I'll do fine   When I look on your eyes then I do better       Ch: 2x