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Verze z 8. 4. 2021 16:10 Aktuální verze
Název Kocaine Karolina Kocaine Karolina
Interpret Elle King Elle King
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  <i>Capo 1st fret</i>   <i>Rhythm:</i> 136bpm   <i>Strumming :</i> &darr;.&darr;&uarr;&darr;.&darr;&uarr; (3/4) or x.&uarr;.x.&uarr;.x&uarr;.x&uarr;&darr;&uarr; (3/4)   <tr class="spaceUnder">      Intro: [A (4x)]    [A]Kocaine Karol[D]ina down to your [A]bones[D] #. [A]Kocaine Karol[D]ina down to your [A]bones[D]   [F#m]Fireworks in your [D]heart make it far from [A]home[D]   [A]Every morning you [D]wake up alone just the [A]same[D]   [F#m]Who would wanna [E]live longer anyway [A,D,A,D]     Ch:[F#m]Oo-oo-[D]oo-oo [E]Easy days will come [F#m,Bm,F#m] Ch: [F#m]Oo-oo-[D]oo-oo Easy [E]days will [F#m]come   When you [D]rest your heavy [A]soul[D]      Oo-oo-oo-oo   Easy days will come   When your [D]hard living [A]is done[D,A,D]   --->   #. Poke your skinny spirit to keep a man   What's left of your flesh slipped from his hand   Lonely looking eyes have done you wrong   Don't waste away until your gone       Ch: Oo-oo-oo-oo   Easy days will come   When you rest your heavy soul       Oo-oo-oo-oo   Easy days will come   When your hard living is done      Instr:: [A,D,A,D,F#m,D,A,D]     [A,D,A,D,F#m,D,A,D]        Ch:      Outro: [A]Kocaine Karoline   Your [D]down to your [A]bones[D]   [F#m]Don't waste [D]away until your gone[A,D]   [F#m]Don't waste [D]away until your [A]gone