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Název Hero Hero
Interpret Family of the Year Family of the Year
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  Capo 5 [C]Let me go Ref: [C]Let me go   I don't wanna be your[Am] hero[Em]   I don't wanna be a [F]big man   Just wanna [C]fight with everyone [G]else    Your masquerade #. Your masquerade   I don't wanna be a part of your parade   Everyone deserves a chance to   Walk with everyone else    While holding down #. While holding down   A job to keep my girl around   And maybe buy me some new strings   And her a night out on the weekend    And we can whisper things #. And we can whisper things   Secrets from our American dreams   Baby needs some protection   But I'm a kid like everyone else    [Chorus] [Bridge]  C Am Em // Ooooohh  F C G/B Am G F G // Ooooohh Ref: Let me go...    [Chorus] Bridge: C Am Em // Ooooohh F C G/B Am G F G // Ooooohh    Your masquerade... Ref: Let me go...  #. Your masquerade...