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Název Universally Speaking Universally Speaking
Interpret Red Hot Chilli Peppers Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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  Intro:[D,Em7]x4      1. [D]I saw your [Em7]face   Elegant and [D]tired   Cut up from the [Em1]chase   Still I so [D]admired   Bloodshot your smi[Em7]le   Delicate and [D]wild   Give me she wolf [Em7]style   Rip right thru me[D]      R: [D]Silveretta the jets of a lifetime[Em7]   Go and get her i've got her on my mind[D]   Nothing better then feeling is so fine[Em7]   Simply put I saw your love stream [D]flow   -->   M: [A]Come on baby 'cause cause there's no name for [Am7]Give it up and I got what I came for [G]Universal[Bm]ly speaking [Amaj7]Give it up and I got what I came for [G]Universal[Hm]ly speaking      [A]Take it back and you make me nervous   [Am7]Nothing better then love and service [G]Universally [Bm]speaking ah[Am] [B7]Win in the long run[Em] [G]Universally [Hm]speaking ah[Dm] [H7]Win in the long run[Em]      2. I saw your crime   Dying to get high   Two of a kind   Beat all hands tonight      R:      M: