AC/DC arrow / Highway to Hell

: Highway to Hell

1. A 
Livin' easy
, livin' free
D/F# G 

D/F# G 
Season ticket 
on a one 
way ride

Askin' nothin, leave me be.
Takin' ev'rythin' in my stride.

2. Don't need reason, don't need rhyme,
Ain't nothin' i'd rather do.
goin' down, party time.E5 

my friends are gonna be there too.

Chorus: [: I'm on a A 
highway to 
G D/F# 
 :] (4×)

3. No stop signs, speed limit,
nobody's gonna slow me down.
like a wheel, gonna spin it.
nobody's gonna mess me around.

4. Hey, satan, pay'n' my dues,
playin' in a rockin' band.
hey, momma, look at me.
I'm on my way to the promised land.