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: You are

1. A C#m 
When I look into your eyes I 

A beauty that can't be beat
My heart gets lost but I can't let go

Like a star you always shine so bright
Giving hope in the dead of night
I'll follow you wherever you may lead

Bridge: C#m A 
Now I know this might be str
ange, but you've gotta be

There's nothing in your way, that you can't achieve

Chorus: A C#m 
You are the 
sun that lights the 
morning sky

You are what gives us wings so we can fly
You are the only one for me
My AD carry,
And your name is Carzzy/Hansy
2. I don't think that you understand
Oh no, I do, your taste is really bad

That's cute when Hans has actually never won
Well Carzzy keeps on inting and calling it "fun"

Let's just stop, we'll decide on the rift
Your death will be fast so say thanks for my gift

When my boy Hans is finished with you
He'll prove to you all he's the best in EU

Chorus: They are the sun that lights our morning sky
They are what gives us wings so we can fly
They are the only ones for us
Our AD carries,
They're not named Rekkles

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21. 08.

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